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  (Scratchin' DJ "Pussyfoot" droppin' it like it's hot!)
'No Goodbye' (Written & Produced by: SteveUrge... Recorded by 'Sudden Urge')

Buffalo Bills' Tribute Song!

(composed by Frank Michaels / Recorded by 'Sudden Urge')

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CLICK ABOVE ICON TO SAMPLE THE SUDDEN URGE SONG, Entitled: 'And Now'(a love song) ***(RELEASED JULY 2012) *** A Duet Love Ballad (Which Was Internationally Distributed), Performed by: 'Sudden Urge', Written By SteveUrge.. Sung By Anna John & SteveUrge... Enjoy This very special Love Ballad & Accompanying Music Video!!


Barack Obama Campaign Song -2012 
Composer, 'SteveUrge' was honored to have been commissioned to create this inspirational song for President Barack Obama's 2nd Term Campaign. (Sung By Anna John & Performed by: 'Sudden Urge')
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As of Feb 1st, 2011.  'Sudden Urge' Band Leader / Composer, SteveUrge's ORIGINAL song "ALONE" became #7 on the WNY Collage Radio Charts!!  He was honored, and would love to share this acoustic version with everyone!  CLICK PICTURE BELOW TO LISTEN!!

A Live Band (COVER) Recording (Featuring the vocals of SteveUrge)















Click Below Pics to see the TV news coverage of Composer SteveUrge's song, 'THE SPILLER'!!








A Live Mono Sample of The Sudden Urge Theatre Band

(our alter-ego) can also be found by clicking here!





OUR ORIGINAL 'GO SABRES' CHARITY SONG was a hit for 12 years, and enabled us to raise thousands of dollars for charity!!

Click CD COVER Below To See the Music Video, Created by Fox TV in California!





The Buffalo Sabres' charity "tribute" song ("Go Sabres") had received a great deal of radio rotation on 103.3 The Edge, 97Rock, 104.1 FM, and even several featured stories on TV's Channel 2, 4, & 7 News! *** Fox Sports in Los Angeles also created a Music Video for the song! 




  Click onto the Roswell Park logo (at left) to see a few "THANK YOU" letters (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) from Roswell Park!  After that (until it was discontinued in the stores and online), all proceeds went directly to The Sabres' Charity Foundation!






New All Original Sudden Urge EP Release Coming Soon!