The Sudden Urge Show Band

The longest running comedy in Off-Broadway history, Tony N' Tina's Wedding, gave birth to the Theatrical Career of one of Western New York's most beloved music groups. Sudden Urge has been playing Donny Dulce and Fusion, a sleazy, cheesy, smarmy, and simply hilarious Rock N' Roll Wedding Band, since 1998. 

Show credits include, over 200 performances at Buffalo's Shea's Theatre....... National Touring shows as far south as Ft. Meyers, Florida, and as far west as Salt Lake City, Utah, on the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics........ as well as several NYS concert halls and large venues, to over 200,000 people.

Sudden Urge is far from a lounge act, however... In fact, they are a high energy, multi-award winning pop/rock/dance/alternative band.....but in this show, they've transformed themselves into a totally believable musical circus! While performing in Utah, Famed Golf Legend, Lee Travino, jumped up on stage (following the show) and expressed to the group that they were "the most entertaining band he'd ever seen!" 

If you'd like to hear for yourself what the hype is about.. Feel free to click and sample a live Tony n' Tina's Wedding show MP3, below. 

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Below are a few pics from various Tony n' Tina's Wedding performances, as well as a few pics from Actors Anonymous' Medieval, Interactive Musical/Comedy; The King & Queen's Royal Feast! (Written by, Actors Anonymous in 2002) Also Produced, Performed, and Published entirely by 'Actors Anonymous Theatre Co. Inc. - Also a few pics from the AATC production of The Hilarious Hillbilly Massacre (Reunion), demonstrating Corey J & 'SteveUrge' singing some down home Hillbilly songs!!!

SteveUrge in Dressing Room @ Buffalo's Shea's Theatre


@ Palace Theatre (Lockport, NY.)


@ Fox Valley Country Club, (Lancaster, NY.)


(above) Band Stand (high above) @ Palace Theatre, Lockport, NY.

Pic above, taken from in the Bandstand (Sky Boxes) @ Palace Theatre 


SteveUrge on Drums



Full Cast of Tony n' Tina's Wedding @ McKinley Park Inn (O. Park, NY)



'SteveUrge' steps out as 'Donny Dulce' (The Wedding Singer)


Playing 'Donny Dulce & Fusion' @ Fox Valley Country Club (Lancaster, NY.)


More Tony n' Tina's Wedding Pics  (click here)




The Pillingham Minstrel Singers, play!


.....And The Peasants Danced!!



(Sudden Urge players) SteveUrge & Corey J sing for the "Ho-Down"! (Above)


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