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'Sudden Urge' Lead Vocalist, Lauren McGowan, has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from SUNY Fredonia, and is a Classically Trained Vocalist. She has performed in many Musical Productions with various Theatre Companies across WNY. She also dabbles in the Masterfull Application of several instruments including, Harmonica, Ukulele, Guitar, and Piano. She has a versatile vocal command of several Musical Genres, Including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Disco, Classical, Opera, and Musical Theatre.
(But 90s Rock Music is her Favorite!!)

Having Musically Toured The United States, and many parts of Canada..... 'Sudden Urge' Founding Member / Percussionist / Band Leader & Co-Lead & Back-Up Vocalist, 'Steve Urge' is, and has been the lifeblood of the group for 30+ years. Over his career, Steve has personally won several WNY awards, including: 'Top Composer', 'Top Drummer', and through the decades has been able to assemble line-ups that have won awards that include: 'Top Rock Band', 'Top Dance Band', 'Top Pop Rock Band', and even 'Top Music Video' in 2011!!!
Steve began in the 1970's on Saxophone, before moving to Classical Guitar, and finally landing on Drums in the 1980's. 1991 saw him begin performing with his own band. And ever since, he has been the only Percussionist that 'Sudden Urge' has ever known! After 30+ years, Steve has new adventures (for the group) in his head that he's not yet even mentioned out loud !!
(Stay Tuned!!)

'Sudden Urge' Bassist, Ura Torres, took his first music classes in elementary school. Later, he graduated to music lessons at the age of 13 at Academia Baustista de Música de Carolina (in Puerto Rico), where he studied Music Theory and Harmony Theory. Ura soon toured Puerto Rico with bands like Endosimbiosis, Cambio Exacto, and Poetas de Cristos.... and even had the opportunity to play for MTV Puerto Rico. Currently he is a very active musician in the 716 music scene... playing power covers & originals, most regularly with, 'Sudden Urge'. 

Heading 2

'Sudden Urge' Lackawanna-born Lead Guitarist, Ben Pawlak, is one of WNY's most charismatic and recognizable players. Ben has been playing guitar for over 30 years.  He has studied Jazz Theory and Improvisation in a wide variety of music genres. In terms of dynamics, phrasing, and feel, he's been compared to greats like George Benson and even Glen Campbell. He is a truly versatile guitarist who draws influences from greats like, Freddy King, and Phil Keaggy (among several others). **Lessons, tips, and other info:  Please visit,

 'Sudden Urge' is thrilled to have Ben in the fold!

For Booking: 716-870-0926

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